Getting a Job in Lockdown

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With Covid-19 affecting the whole world, nearly every business has been affected in some way and has had to make adaptations to continue employing their staff and make money. Many people have sadly lost their jobs as a result of the pandemic and thousands are looking for work. Big recruitment is pleased to be able to continue to help people find employment, in Birmingham and beyond. Despite the virus affecting our ability to travel and meet professionally, modern technology has allowed the continuation of communication through platforms such as Zoom, Google Hangouts and Microsoft Teams. With this in mind, despite worries, it is still very possible to find employment.

Recruitment Agencies Birmingham

Big Recruitment is a recruitment agency in Birmingham. We help the most talented people discover their ideal role in digital and marketing. Our personal, consultative approach ensures that personal values align with company values. We have been working to adapt around Covid-19, employing all of the appropriate safety measures for the benefit of our staff and customers. We help people to find employment in marketing, digital and higher management roles. Don’t be afraid to get in touch as we are still working with our partners to find the perfect employees and employers.

Digital Marketing Jobs Birmingham

If you are looking for a digital marketing job in Birmingham or beyond, Big Recruitment is here to help you. Thanks to modern technology, the majority of digital marketing agencies have been able to continue running in teams remotely throughout the coronavirus pandemic. The adaptable and flexible nature of the sector is perfect for those looking for jobs in COVID-19. Our digital marketing jobs range from PPC specialists and SEO specialists to content marketing and social media. Even now you can apply for jobs, as many interviews can take place remotely over digital communication platforms.

Graphic Design Jobs

Another area we have enjoyed helping employees to find work in is graphic design. There are many graphic design jobs in Birmingham and beyond, whether it be in agencies or in house businesses. Graphic designers are also able to work remotely, with the freedom of different technologies to make the process easier. Graphic design jobs are highly sought after and it is always worth considering if the role is something that you have been interested in.

Get in Touch with Big Recruitment

Approaching a recruitment agency can sometimes be daunting, but we are the helping hand for your future success. When choosing the right recruitment agency you need to know that they are capable of finding the job best-suited job for you. At Big Recruitment, we have dedicated expert digital marketing and design recruiters that know how important it is for you to find a perfect career path at the right company, especially amid the uncertainty of the coronavirus pandemic. We know how stressful it can get in different industries so we can help you every step of the way when it comes to finding the right role. Get in touch today via email or give us a call and let’s discuss your bright future.

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