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If you’re a candidate looking for a job in the development industry whether that be a front end, or backend developer, a full stack developer or more, then you have come to the right recruiters. At Big Recruitment, you can be assured that you will be dealing with recruitment experts, we are passionate about your career and care for the self-development of your future.

At Big Recruitment, we understand that looking for a job can be difficult, with so much other experience and competition out there. However, with so many internet agencies based in and around Birmingham, and across the UK, we are sure to find the perfect role for you. 

Our Current Development Roles:

Account Director

We’re looking for an Account Director with experience of working for an integrated marketing agency. This is a fantastic opportunity to join an ambitious company

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Partnership Lead

About the team Our Commercial team develop new relationships between our business and some of the world’s biggest companies by articulating and demonstrating the benefits

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Why Choose The Developer Job Path

There are many, many jobs out there in the world, but finding a job that you love and can progress in is crucial throughout life. Development jobs come in all shapes and sizes, there are many avenues to go down. Below is just a handful each with their own ladders to climb:

A frontend developer works in visual user interfaces, aesthetics and layouts. Front end devs can work on creating web apps and websites which their codes run on web browsers and on the computer. Their role is solely focused on understanding human machine interaction and design more with skills that consist of design of user interface (UI), design of user experience (UX), CSS, JavaScript, HTML, UI Frameworks. If you think that front end development is for you then give us a call on: 07376 135 029.

Backend developers specialise in design, functional logic and performance of a system that runs on a machine which are remote from the end-user. Back end developers work on  enabling the user-facing side of a website to exist. Backend development skills are Java, C++, Ruby, Python, Scala and Go. If you think that backend development is for you then give us a call on: 07376 135 029.

A full stack dev works on both front and back end development for a site. They have the skills which are required to create a fully functioning website. A full stack developer will have more opportunities when working for a company or agency as they will work on both the server side and client side. The skills a full stack developer would consist of a combination of a front end and back end developer (as seen above). A full stack developer should be able to work on Linux servers, write server-side APIs, JavaScript powering an application and an eye for CSS. If you think that full stack development is for you then give us a call on: 07376 135 029.

Mobile developers, as it says in the name, writes code for applications that run on mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. A mobile developer  should understand the mobile 

operating systems such as iOS and android and frameworks used to create software on these systems. They usually have a variety of development skills, such as Java, Swift, Objective-C, Application Programming Interfaces, web development languages and cross platform mobile suites.If you think that mobile development is for you then give us a call on: 07376 135 029.

A software developer plays a key role in identifying, designing, installing and testing software systems. They create and ensure that the processes are running as expected. The most common skills expected for a software developer are coding languages such as JavaScript, C++, Ruby, C# and .Net and many more. Software developers should be comfortable writing and analysing queries and working with different frameworks. If you think that software development is for you then give us a call on: 07376 135 029.

Web developers have a similar job to software developers. They also specialise in the creation of websites. Although they haven’t been around for as long as some other developers, they are only required to have basic knowledge when entering the role and can further develop their skill along their career path. Web developers are required to know elements of  HTML, CSS, FTP, JavaScript and WordPress. If you think that web development is for you then give us a call on: 07376 135 029.

That is just a top line selection of development jobs that are out there. No matter what dev skillset you fall under, Big Recruitment can help you find the role that suits you best.

Understanding The Culture

At Big Recruitment we always ensure that we are experts in our clients’ businesses: we thoroughly research them and then work alongside our clients in order to truly understand the culture and specific demands of their development industry. By doing so, this allows us to find the most appropriate candidate for the role.

We pair up candidates with the ideal employer, based not only on research and culture but how the candidate wants to progress in their future career path.

We believe that having the right candidate for every role is crucial, and fitting into the culture of a working environment is a big key to happiness and success.

Why Choose Big Recruitment

Approaching a recruitment agency can sometimes be daunting, but we are the helping hand for your future success. When choosing the right recruitment agency you need to know that they are capable of finding the job best-suited job for you. At Big Recruitment, we have dedicated
expert developer recruiters that know how important it is for you to find a perfect career path at the right company. We know how stressful it can get in the internet industry so we can help you every step of the way when it comes to finding the right role. Get in touch today or give us a call now and let’s have a chat on your future.

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